North Bergen veteran launches fitness business

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

North Bergen High alumni and United States Air Force Veteran, Grovert Fuentes, has announced the launch of “The Fit Lifestyle box,” a subscription business.

The Fit Lifestyle Box will offer a monthly door service subscription for $20 which will include a full-size product aside from samples and protein bars, cookies, and chips.

“I’ve been working for several months on a subscription business in the fitness industry. I will admit, I'm not the first one, but as a customer of a few, I wasn't satisfied.” says owner Grovert Fuentes.

“If I wanted a full size product in the box, I had to spend over $30 monthly and when I did, I got a cheap see-through shirt. If I spent $15, I only got samples and that is all. I felt like I got robbed. I decided this was my call-to-action.”

By partnering with over 150 companies, Fit Lifestyle Box, is able to reduce the cost of a subscription box to roughly the price of a gym membership. The company personalizes each box according to the subscriber’s need. Subscribers can expect to find a full-size fitness product, at least one protein bar and several sample size goodies. These products may be items such as apparel, jump ropes, stretch bands, etc. Also, you will receive workout routines, recipes, fitness tips, and the following month’s discount code to the online store.

The company promises to provide the best items with a volume discount, pack them up according to your goal, and ship them to your doorstep.


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