Two decorated North Hudson Regional Firefighters - Capt. Steven Hillis and Senior Firefighter Desmon

Two decorated North Hudson Regional Firefighter - Capt. Steven Hillis and Senior Firefighter Desmond Boyle - teamed up outside of the firehouse, and inside the ring to open State of Fitness 101 boxing gym in 508 73rd Street North Bergen.

“North Bergen has always been part of boxing - starting with James J. Braddock - Cinderella man. We want to keep [boxing] alive and well in North Bergen and make sure it never leaves,” says Co-Owner of State of Fitness 101 Gym Steven Hillis. “My partner, Desmond Boyle, who is a decorated firefighter of 17 years, came to me with the idea and I said let’s do it!”

“I see ourselves as being that place that people want to come and feel comfortable to learn how to box. A lot of people have a lot of passion for it…we want to provide boxing to people who love it,” says Boyle.

State of Fitness is open to all skill levels from beginners looking to stay in shape to world champion professionals. “Danny McDermott - he’s a champion right now. He’s a big part of this gym. He’s here everyday and he’s been a great help,” says Boyle.

Given its unique decor, Hillis described the inspiration. “We wanted to keep it vintage and industrial. It keeps the old with the new. The place looks great and it’s a very inviting environment for boxing and fitness enthusiast.”






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