Literature: Mayor Sacco backs 2 incumbents and 1 newcomer, touting new high school

North Bergen residents received literature of the upcoming April 25th election. "The Team That's Working with Mayor Sacco to Bring a New High School to North Bergen!," reads the double-sided flyer.

Up for re-election is Vice President of the Board of Education, Kanu Patel, and board member Luis Diaz. Claudia Baselice is the newcomer. HudPost reached out to the candidates, however, they were not available for comment.

"Our kids are doing incredibly well, especially given the lack of resources our district has had to deal with due to lack of state aid funding. They will be able to achieve even more with a new High School and smaller class sizes," says Mayor Nicholas Sacco.

The flyer states the new high school will save tax payers $150 million dollars by converting the current High Tech High School into a new North Bergen High School by 2019.

There are 17 candidates running this election - a significant difference from last year's unopposed election of Patricia Bartoli, Luis Rabelo, and Sai Rao.

  • Claudia Baselice 1A

  • Elizabeth DeMarchena 2A

  • Raquel Soutuyo 3A

  • Kanaiyalal Patel 4A

  • Luis Diaz 5A

  • Jesse Moya 6A

  • Gregory Segovia 7A

  • Ana Gomez 8A

  • Zeneida Larios 9A

  • Alexandra Sherlock 10A

  • Gustavo Gomez 11A

  • Kathleen Lagomarsino 12A

  • Mercy Trujillo 13A

  • Rene L. Hidalgo-Gatty 14A

  • Jose Santos 15A

  • Viviana Salcedo 16A

  • John Toomey 17A

Three candidates were recently backed by unsuccessful 2015 mayoral candidate, Larry Wainstien - Jose Santos, Viviana Salcedo, and Rene Hidalgo-Gatty.

The election will be held on Tuesday, April 25th from 2:00PM - 8:00PM.






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