Wainstein's open letter to Vainieri: 'terminate ICE contract immediately'

Dear Chairman Vainieri:

I write to you today regarding the contractual agreement between U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Hudson County to house immigration detainees in the Hudson County jail. This contract is for $19 million and runs for the longest duration allowed under law. Recently, you voted in favor of renewing this contact.

On behalf of thousands of North Bergen residents, I am asking you to introduce a resolution to terminate this contract immediately. This contract supports ICE's policy of detaining individuals who are seeking a pathway to a better life through political asylum. If an alien commits a crime then detention is necessary. However, this contract goes well beyond that reasonable approach to aide and abet in the separation of families.

Hudson County's government should not support policies that tear children from the arms of their parents. The laws of the United States of America and International law support a pathway for individuals and families who are fleeing violence and corruption. As a child of immigrants, I understand firsthand the importance of keeping families intact as they are seeking the promise of America.

It is imperative that you answer the call of the people and sponsor a resolution to terminate this contract immediately.

Thank you.


Larry Wainstein






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