2019 Democratic Primary Results

Incumbents Angelica Jimenez and Pedro Mejia keep their seats on the NJ State Assembly

North Bergen, NJ- The 2019 Democratic Primaries for Hudson County was held yesterday, and the results are in election, in which 28,659 people casted votes. This is around 7.8% of the nearly 370,000 registered voters in Hudson County.

Up for grabs were five seats (two NJ State Assembly people, Hudson County Executive, Hudson County Sheriff, and Hudson County Delegate), as well as a number of seats for local committee-people.

The Democratic candidates for each position in the 32nd Legislative District were Angelica M. Jimenez and Pedro Mejia (A), Roger Quesada and Mahmoud Mahmoud (B) for General Assembly; for County Executive: Thomas A. DeGise (A), Patricia Waiters (C); for Sheriff: Frank X. Schillari (A); for Surrogate: Tilo E. Rivas (A). Each candidate spent the last few weeks campaigning, and for some, that work paid off.

The Republican Primaries were also held today in the same districts, covering the same number of seats as the Democratic counterpart.

The winners of the thirty-second Legislative District are as follows:

Angelica M. Jimenez and Pedro Mejia – NJ State Assembly people with 6,616 and 6,314 votes respectively

Thomas A. DeGise – Hudson County Executive with 20,195 votes

Frank X. Schillari – Hudson County Sheriff with 21,516 votes

Tilo E. Rivas – Hudson County Surrogate with 21,288 votes.

2019 Democratic Winners

Written by Sara Ryan.





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