Freeholder Vainieri Files Restraining Order on ICE Protesters, Judge Limits Free Speech

Hudson County Freeholder Chairman Anthony Vainieri along with Hudson County Executive Tom Degise and 5 other Hudson County Freeholders filed a restraining order "seeking relief by way of temporary restraints," against ICE Protestors because "immediate and irreparable damage will probably result before notice can be given."

The signed order prevents protesting/picketing within 200 feet of the private residence of Anthony Vainieri and the others named in the suit.

This comes days after US Senator Bob Menendez took a shot at the chairman by saying Vainieri was “deeply misinformed” and noting that the Hudson County Democratically-controlled government had promised to end its ICE contract before but then chose to “ignore the fierce objections of county residents and suddenly reverse course.”

The signed order also limits protesting and/or picketing no more than "(1) night every two (2) weeks," and that the protest can not have more than ten people present during any protest.

"...the Democrats' restraining order against the anti-ICE activists restricts protests to only between 7 PM....and 8 PM," tweets reporter Matt Katz. "That means they can protest for 2 hours, total, each month, with no more than 10 people at each protest."

Hudson County Executive Tom Degise says he is "standing up for moderate policy solutions and against radical ideas like abolishing ICE and defunding the police."

"These demonstrators — by and large young, mostly white and either people who moved to Hudson County very recently or don’t live here at all — have now taken to holding loud, disruptive protests each night outside my home in a working-class neighborhood in Jersey City. Apparently, they don’t mind keeping my neighbors up all night while they bang drums, yell that police officers stationed at the scene are “pigs” and cause a scene over and over again."

"This is deeply alarming. No elected official should resort to restraining orders to silence their constituents' constitutional right to protest," tweets the ACLU of New Jersey. "We're monitoring the situation, and we’ll be watching closely."





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